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How the soy story began

Eric Hsu
Soy Guru/Managing Director

Hi, I’m Eric Hsu, Managing Director of King International.


We’re Australia’s leading creators of soy products, and we’ve been here for Aussies for over 30 years.


I first started King International in 1987 with my wife, Rachel, right here in the sunny state of Queensland. I wanted to bring traditional Chinese soy products to Australia – a country where, at the time, tofu was virtually unheard of in the mainstream.


I started out by supplying hand-pressed soft tofu to local Chinese grocery stores, and as the vegetarian and dairy-free market slowly began taking off, we were inspired.


With my background in industrial chemistry, we took our knowledge of traditional soy production and developed new and innovative technologies to create an ever-growing range of delicious plant-based foods.


Today, we supply our yoghurts, tofu, hummus, cheese and much more through major supermarket chains and health food stores nationally. Our products are also available in New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Our Founder


Eric is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s our resident soy guru and the go-to man for all questions soy related. With his formal training in industrial chemistry, Eric understands soy on a molecular, physical and chemical level (and probably a spiritual level too).


He has travelled the world in search of what makes the perfect tofu curd, studied with the techniques and tools of ancient masters of soy manufacturing to develop what we think is the best tofu there is in Australia. Take a look at our Product range today!

Our Commitment


We’re passionate about making quality, sustainable plant-based products that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of dietary requirements or lifestyle choices. Our products are made from non-GMO, Australian whole soybeans and are free of hydrogenated oils, gluten, lactose and eggs. In fact, our facilities are free from most major allergens (except soy, of course), so even those with more sensitive allergies can enjoy healthy, delicious food.


At King International, we love supporting locals every step of the way – from our farmers, to our manufacturing staff, and our customers. We keep our supply chain as Australian as possible so that YOU know that you’re supporting everyday Aussies with every King International product.

Our Vision

To offer sustainable, tasty alternatives to meat and dairy products, that support all Australians.

Our Purpose

To make quality, sustainable, plant-based products that can be enjoyed by a diverse range of customers.

Our Values

  • Innovation
    We’re committed to continuous innovation. We are constantly developing our technologies to create new, wonderful foods to enjoy.

  • Sustainability
    We only have one Earth, and we want to take care of our home planet for ourselves, and for generations to come.

  • Connection
    They say you are what you eat, which is why we stay mindful of the Earth throughout all our production practice.

  • Kindness
    We believe in being kind to animals, our people, our planet, and ourselves.

  • Wholesomeness
    We’re all about appreciating the humble soybean in its truest form. We use whole soybeans in our products, with as minimal processing as possible.

Professional Recognition


Kingland Soy Yoghurt has previously been one of the top 5 finalists for the Queensland Supermarket Product of the Year, as recognised by the Queensland Grocery and Industry Association and the Department of State Development. We have also received the following honours:


  • National Australia’s Bank Ethnic Business Awards

  • 6th Outstanding Overseas Taiwanese SMEs

  • Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Award.

We are certified with:

Certified Australian Organic Kingland and Pureland Brands Australian Made ACO Certified
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