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Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie

Ingredients: 400g Kingland Organic Silken tofu 1/2 tsp pink sea salt 3/4 cup coconut cream 3 Tbsp virgin coconut oil 1/4 cup raw cacao powder 1 cup maple syrup (or agave syrup) 1 Tbsp agar agar 1 vegan pie crust Vegan Cool Whip 1 Tbsp chocolate vegan sprinkles Method: 1. First bake your vegan pie crust until lightly browned. Set aside. You can use a pre-made frozen shell or make your own crust. 2. Add your soy or coconut creamer to a small sauce pan. Add agar agar and a splash of the maple syrup. Bring to a boil. Continuously stir as until agar agar dissolves into liquid. This will take about 3-5 minutes. Turn off heat. Then melt in the coconut oil spread. Set mixture aside to cool a bit. 3. In a high speed blender - aka Vitamix - add the following: silken tofu, remaining maple syrup, raw cacao powder, salt. Then add the agar mixture - however - I strain it through a sifter so that any loose particles of agar to not go in my pie. 4. Blend on low -> high until smooth and creamy. Do a taste test. Add more salt and or sweetener if need be.. Remember the whipped topping is sweet - so let the deep chocolate flavour shine through in your chocolate layer. 5. Pour the chocolate into your pie crust. Chill in fridge for 1-2 hours - or until the mixture is firmed and cooled completely. You will also want to place the box of whipped topping in the fridge as well. For at least 30 minutes. 6. Before serving, remove the topping from fridge - scoop contents of box into large bowl. Using a hand mixer, beat on high until fluffy. Only takes about 2-3 minutes. 7. Scoop whipped topping onto chilled pie. Add chocolate sprinkles. Serve! Or chill in fridge until ready to serve.

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