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Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hold the phone...a sandwich stuffed with a vegan cheese sauce (made from #kinglandau silken #tofu), garlicky mushrooms, rocket, red onion and sun dried tomatoes, amazing! This is it, the best Sandwich you will ever taste.


120g Kingland Organic Silken Tofu

20g nutritional yeast

2tbs cashew butter

½tsp salt

1tsp lemon juice

200g mushrooms

1clove of garlic

olive oil



rocket (a handful)

16 sun dried tomato halves

1/2 red onion, sliced

8 slices of whole wheat bread

olive oil to brush your bread


  1. For the “cheese” add silken tofu, nutritional yeast, cachew butter, salt and lemon juice into a blender, blend until smooth. Put aside for later.

  2. For the garlicky mushrooms, slice the mushrooms and chop up the garlic, add some olive oil into a pan and fry the garlic and mushrooms over medium heat until the muhsrooms are completely cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste.

  3. Now you’ve just got to stack your sandwiches. Smear four slices with the “cheese” sauce, top with rocket, 4 sun-dried tomatoes per sandwich, red onion and the garlicky mushrooms. Top with the other slice of bread.

  4. Brush the outside of your sandwiches with olive oil and fry in the same pan in which you ealier prepared your mushrooms. I like to place something heavy on top of my sandwiches so they sort of get pressed together as if you would prepare them in a Panini maker. Just place some aluminium foil on top of your sandwiches and place something heavy on top if, I used a Quattro staggioni jar, which was filled with granola. However you could also go the easy way and just use a Panini maker, if you happen to have one.

  5. Fry on both sides until golden brown, this should only takes a couple of minutes.

  6. Slice in half and serve with a side salad, some baked veggies or just by itself.

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