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Dairy Free Yogurt Dipped Ombre Strawberries

They look very similar to chocolate covered strawberries,but do not be fooled. For a healthier option Greek yogurt can be just as great for dipping fruit, especially when colored in different shades of pink!

These yogurt dipped strawberries are perfect for a sweet treat or even a pretty addition to a party with your girlfriends, but either way you serve them we promise you they taste crazy delicious!


  • 2 punnets of strawberries

  • 1 cup Kingland Dairy Free Natural Unsweetened Greek yogurt (you won't need all of it)

  • Pink food coloring


  1. Divide yogurt into 4 small bowls; one bowl with no coloring, one bowl with 2 drops of coloring, another bowl with 4 drops and the last bowl with 6 drops. Mix colors well and set aside.

  2. Dip the strawberries into colored yogurt and place on a baking sheet to set, freezing for one hour.

  3. Remove strawberries from the freezer and re-dip each into colored yogurt. Place them back into the freezer for another hour or two until ready to serve. Enjoy!

#dessert #vegan #vegetarian #fruit #summer

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